Sunday, March 6, 2011

Informal Exercise #2

Ah, here we go again.  Another visual prompt-

If you're going to take this challenge up, we would prefer that you write a story, but a poem is semi-acceptable.  The minimum word count is 150 words and the maximum should be 1,300, poems should not exeed 100 lines.  As before, please no overt politics.  There are plenty of political blogs and I don't want this place to devolve into flame war or to attract extremist nuts.  Please keep the sex tasteful and make sure that the violence is non-gratuitous.  Please note that we would appreciate that you list in the comment section that you have finished your story. It makes it easier to retrieve the link and for everyone else to read the story. Especially if you've done multiple posts for that day, because then your link to the story won't be in the author's column anymore.

The due date?  May 2nd, 2011.  Good night, good luck, and the cat did it.

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