Thursday, January 27, 2011

Informal Exercise #1

Cormac, here.  Until Nicole gets a regular Internet connection, I'd thought we all could try a little experiment along the lines of a visual prompt.

"How a grand piano ended up on a sandbar about 200 yards from the Miami waterfront in Biscayne Bay remains a mystery," was the caption that the newspaper provided along with this picture.  This challenge will revolve around that, and if you except it, you will write a story about how the piano got there.

The usual rules will apply*: We would prefer that you write a story, but a poem is semi-acceptable.  The minimum word count is 150 words and the maximum should be 1,300, poems should not exeed 100 lines.  As before, please no overt politics.  There are plenty of political blogs and I don't want this place to devolve into flame war or to attract extremist nuts.  Please keep the sex tasteful and make sure that the violence is non-gratuitous.  Please note that we would appreciate that you list in the comment section that you have finished your story. It makes it easier to retrieve the link and for everyone else to read the story. Especially if you've done multiple posts for that day, because then your link to the story won't be in the author's column anymore.

*Except the deadline isn't until March 1st, 2011.

Goodnight, good luck and, ebony, and i-vory.


Sue H said...

Brilliant, Cormac! As soon as I saw that on TV I thought "....make an excellent idea for a story!"

I'm most def. in! :-)

The Moderators said...


Excellent, and it must be nice to be able to sleep in whenever you want now. Congratulations on your retirement!

Sue H said...

Ha ha! If only.....

I still have to get the OH up and propel him to the door to earn a crust!

But thankyou for your good wishes!

Nicole E. Hirschi aka CJT said...

Yep... I'm in, and I am sometimes getting internet and sometimes am not...

Always thanks, Cormac

The Moderators said...


You're welcome, and hey, he's an adult. Just give him a nudge with your foot and roll over back to bed.
; )


(Cormac is not signed on right now)

Sue H said...

Well, I managed to weave a story from this picture - ici:

Cormac Brown said...

Here is mine...


I'm sorry that I didn't post either of our efforts, as there is a flash fiction challenge going on right now and it has limited my free time. I will post both in the morning.

Nicole E. Hirschi aka CJT said...

Whahahaha, okay, Here's mine, I'll get up a little later and post the stories unless Cormac beats me to it!