Thursday, January 27, 2011

Informal Exercise #1

Cormac, here.  Until Nicole gets a regular Internet connection, I'd thought we all could try a little experiment along the lines of a visual prompt.

"How a grand piano ended up on a sandbar about 200 yards from the Miami waterfront in Biscayne Bay remains a mystery," was the caption that the newspaper provided along with this picture.  This challenge will revolve around that, and if you except it, you will write a story about how the piano got there.

The usual rules will apply*: We would prefer that you write a story, but a poem is semi-acceptable.  The minimum word count is 150 words and the maximum should be 1,300, poems should not exeed 100 lines.  As before, please no overt politics.  There are plenty of political blogs and I don't want this place to devolve into flame war or to attract extremist nuts.  Please keep the sex tasteful and make sure that the violence is non-gratuitous.  Please note that we would appreciate that you list in the comment section that you have finished your story. It makes it easier to retrieve the link and for everyone else to read the story. Especially if you've done multiple posts for that day, because then your link to the story won't be in the author's column anymore.

*Except the deadline isn't until March 1st, 2011.

Goodnight, good luck and, ebony, and i-vory.

Monday, January 24, 2011

I co-started a blog and wound up in Texas

One of the reasons why I ended Friday Flash Fiction was because the blog was because cutting into both my time with my family and it was screwing up my writing deadlines.  I knew that if I were to recommence with another writing prompt blog, it couldn't be a repeat of the last experience.  Well, I had good momentum on a project going into this last session, and Icarus just shot that down.  Come last Saturday morning, we had exactly two stories turned in, and David, because he was preoccupied with getting things in order with the Flash Fiction Offensive, turned his in a little tardy.

Now, before I say anything else, I would like to reemphasize that Nicole is without a steady Internet connection at this time.  She would like to participate more, but this still might be a challenge in the near future.  Whatever she does with this blog, I will support her wholeheartedly, but I will no longer be co-moderating it.  Whatever you may feel about me, please, Nicole deserves your support.  She has put in a lot of time, love and effort into this project.


Cormac A. Brown

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Fourth Session: The Stories

Off we go into the wild blue yonder!

Nicole and Katherine provided the starter sentence rocket fuel.  Miss Hirschi said, "And that's why I don't own a gun," and, "The bell tolled not once, not twice, but three times."  And she provided these four words: Fence, Mend, Court, and Misled.

Miss Tomlinson said, "In the moonlight the blood looked quite black."

Let's see the results-

Katherine gets up close and personal.

Cormac peeks over the wall.

David sends this session off with a bang.