Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Fourth Session

It was once said that in order to gain perfection you must try, try, and try again...

...but we couldn't get more than two sentences for a poll?  Ah, c'mon people! ; )

Our sentences this month are:

"And that's why I don't own a gun."

"The bell tolled not once, not twice, but three times." Both from Nicole.

"In the moonlight the blood looked quite black." From Katherine.

Or you have a choice of including the following four words:

Fence, Mend, Court, and Misled.  All from Nicole.

Remember, If you fail to continue trying, you may end up like this...

Whichever of the four selections that you choose from, you must write a story (or poem) with a minimum 150 words and maximum of 1300 words. The sentence or words can be anywhere in the story, but it must be there in its entirety.

This sounds simple enough, but if you've done this before, then you know better. If you are in, please say so. Have your story done by Saturday @ 9 AM Pacific, January 22th, all right?


Sam Raddon said...

I just found this site, looks like fun... I'll give it a try.

Sue H said...

Excuse me for being tardy - have had a few health and family issues to deal with, but I am due to 'retire' on 26th January, so with my time to myself I will hopefully be rejoining you, my fellow penning 'fiends'!!!

David Barber said...

Count me in, guys.

The Moderators said...

Happy New Year everyone! It's Cormac, here, and I'm sorry that I've been neglecting the blog.


Welcome, and we all look forward to having a new voice around here.


Congratulations on the retirement! It's so nice to get finally get to the end of the tunnel and to find out it's not an oncoming train. Hopefully you will be able to write more, in between your travels and adjusting to the second life.


Wonderful, and, uh, has your birthday celebration finally ended?