Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Premiere Session

Soar like you never have before...

...because here is the Premiere Session of Icarus' Flight To Perfection! The authors had the choice from one of the following two sentences, or creating a story using this group of four words-

"It occurred to him just a little too late, that a good woman really is worth more than her weight in gold."

"He pulled the mask over his face and whispered, 'c'mon, baby needs a new pair of shoes.'"

Trip, Triptych, Pick, Tropic.

Let's see the results-
Gabby takes us to a place where even compasses are lost.
Nicole chronicles a real mystery date.

Mal reveals a best friend's true worth.
Cormac talks to us about a man's grave condition.
MRM stuns us with a tale about logistics.


David Barber said...

Guys, mucho apologies. Yes, I had a month but as usual with all my writing I left it until the last minute to get it done and then we get visitors. Add to that ( if you read a couple of my posts) due to work and a pair of knackered knees and a back catching up to them, my head has been firmly stuck up my arse.

I'm not too bad now but I left it too late to get my story up.

I'll catch up with the other stories and post my story later in the week as an everyday post.

Sorry again, guys.

Nicole E. Hirschi aka CJT said...

David - its okay, you'll be in for the next round I'm sure! I look forward to reading all the stories!!!

Excellent Intro btw Cormac, and thanks to everyone who participated this go-round!

Cormac Brown said...


To echo Nicole's sentiment, a big thanks to all those that participated, and to those that almost did.


How do you walk around in that condition, much less, breathe?
; )

Seriously, no worries.


You're welcome, and I couldn't do it with out you.

David Barber said...

Thanks guys. I'll tidy up my story and post it on my blog, but nothing is going to stop me next time.

The Moderators said...


That's right. Don't let life, parenting, work, eating, and breathing get in the way of November's story!
; )