Friday, October 1, 2010

The October Flash Fiction Frenzy has begun!

Thirty-one days.

Thirty-one stories.

Thirty-one illustrations.

This will be an October to remember. Starting today, October 1st, Dark Valentine Magazine will post a new story a day. The frenzy begins with a real chiller, “Animal Lover” by Kat Parrish. It's illustrated by Mark Satchwill, and the frenzy will end with a Lovecraftian tale by Barbara Emrys, also illustrated by Mark Satchwill. You won’t want to miss a single story.

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Katherine Tomlinson said...

Thanks for the shout-out to the Fall Fiction Frenzy. Can't wait to see your story up there.

And while I don't want to distract anyone who's polishing a story for your own fiction challenge, thought I'd mention that there are five (5) open slots left. So if anyone is feeling frenzied, they should submit to us at: