Saturday, September 25, 2010

Icarus' October Flight To Perfection

For the Premiere Session; you can chose from one of the following two sentences, or the four words.

"It occurred to him just a little too late, that a good woman really is worth more than her weight in gold."

"He pulled the mask over his face and he whispered, 'c'mon, baby needs a new pair of shoes.'"

Trip.  Triptych.  Pick. Tropic.

Whichever of the three selections that you chose from, you must write a story (or poem) with a minimum of 150 words and a maximum of 1,300 words.  If you chose from one of the two sentences, the sentence can be anywhere in the story, but it must be there in its entirety.  Likewise, the four words, but obviously they can be in any order.

This sounds simple enough, but if you've done this before, you know better. If you are in, please say so. Have it done by Saturday @9 AM Pacific, October 23rd, all right? 

Friday, September 24, 2010

An Introduction And The Rules


This is not my first foray into providing flash fiction prompts, but this time?  I will not be doing this alone, as I've brought along the lovely Nicole with me.  She is not only a talented writer, she is also quite a creative force.  Nicole will definitely make quite a moderator and task master, and hopefully, you will up to her expectations.

The Foundation

For the first session, you will get to chose from two sentences that we will provide, and a group of four words.  This way you will have three different paths to select from and the chances will improve that the stories won't be too similar in tone.  For the next session and every one thereafter, you can submit a starter sentence and a poll will determine what the third sentence will be.  If a sentence that wasn't a winner in popularity in a previous poll seems to be a sleeper?  We might revive it.

Story Requirements And Word Length

We would prefer that you write a story, but a poem is semi-acceptable.  The minimum word count is 150 words and the maximum should be 1,300, poems should not exeed 100 lines.  Mind you, this isn't flash fiction, and so hopefully it won't look like you stitched it together.  You will have a lot more time to edit it than the last place.  So hone it, tone it, and own it.

The Rules

This time around, the moderators reserve the right to be mercurial.  You, Nicole and I are volunteering our time here.  We are building a community and we're trying to improve our writing.  If any of us have to waste our time with negative energy, it is a detriment to us all.  If you are given two strikes by either of us, well, you can please write somewhere else.

You will add comments to that post indicating your desire to participate and the completion of your story.  You may join in at any time prior to the deadline. You will display your story as a post on your own blog and it will be done by the designated Saturday @ 9:00 AM PST.

As before, please no overt politics.  There are plenty of political blogs and I don't want this place to devolve into flame war or to attract extremist nuts.  Please keep the sex tasteful and make sure that the violence is non-gratuitous.  Please note that we would appreciate that you list in the comment section that you have finished your story. It makes it easier to retrieve the link and for everyone else to read the story. Especially if you've done multiple posts for that day, because then your link to the story won't be in the author's column anymore.

The Starter Sentences

Give it your best, and you definitely want to submit something that inspire everyone.  Let's try not to use songs or other people's stories unless they are pretty much ingrained in our popular culture and language. It would not be cool if we had an outstanding session that had to be pulled, because some overzealous lawyer decided that they have to prove to a music corporation or publisher that they are actually working, instead of just collecting a check.

Don't Be Late

Once the deadline is set, barring a reprieve from one of the moderators, the stories that are submitted late will not be posted.  If there is a familial or computer emergency, obviously that will be taken into consideration.  Genuine distress or not, please do not inundate our mailboxes with explanations, and one email will suffice.

Good luck and don't fly to close to the sun.